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Anti-Racist Pedagogy

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Anti-Racist Pedagogy flyer

Teaching and Learning Transformation Center workshop for instructors:

Anti-racist pedagogy is both a framework and a process. As defined in Kyoko Kishimoto’s (2018) article, Anti-Racist Pedagogy: From Faculty’s Self-Reflection to Organizing Within and Beyond the Classroom: Anti-racist pedagogy is not about simply incorporating racial content into courses, curriculum, and discipline. It is also about how one teaches, even in courses where race is not the subject matter. It begins with the faculty’s awareness and self-reflection of their social position and leads to application of this analysis in their teaching, but also in their discipline, research, and departmental, university, and community work (p. 540). In this session, we will discuss strategies for adopting and implementing anti-racist pedagogy.

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Ginny Hutcheson

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