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Building a Thriving Biotech Startup: Insights from a Successful Entrepreneur

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Discover the keys to success in the competitive world of biotech entrepreneurship with our online workshop led by a seasoned biotech entrepreneur. Gain practical insights into the unique challenges and opportunities of building a thriving life sciences company.

Learn about the distinct characteristics of biotech startups, including the stages of development, approximate capital requirements, and time commitments for each phase. Understand the critical aspects of building a talented and cohesive team, raising capital effectively, and navigating the complexities of the regulatory environment.

Whether you're an aspiring biotech founder or a seasoned industry professional, this workshop equips you with actionable strategies and invaluable knowledge to drive the growth and success of your biotech startup.

Presenter: Dr. Murat Kalayoglu, co-Founder of Cartesian Therapeutics (NASDAQ:RNAC). Dr. Kalayoglu served as the company’s President and CEO prior to taking it public through a reverse merger in November 2023.


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