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Seminar: Understanding the Ready in Weather-Ready Nation by Integrating Social and Physical Sciences at the National Weather Service

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  • Atlantic Building, and Online
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The National Weather Service’s vision is a Weather-Ready Nation where society is prepared for and

responds to weather, water, and climate-dependent events. Weather forecasts have improved

significantly over the years demonstrating advancements in knowledge of how forecasts can support the

vision. However, accurate weather forecasts do not ensure optimal societal outcomes. There remains a

gap in understanding the nation’s readiness for increasingly severe events. Filling this gap requires that

the NWS integrate social science with the ongoing, world-class physical science. In 2021, the NWS

formally established a Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences (SBES) program in the Office of Science

and Technology Integration to help with that synthesis. This talk will provide an overview of what SBES

are, how they are integrated into the weather enterprise, and how they help the NWS realize its vision.


Atlantic Building

In-person at Atlantic Building room 2400. For a Zoom link please contact


Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Science

For disability accommodations, please contact Walter Tribett at

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