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Wicked Problems

  • To
  • Thurgood Marshall Hall
a skull with the date 10.17.23 on its forehead and throwing rock on hand signs

Enjoy pizza, treats and spine-tingling discourse. Once haunted by new perspectives at each topic breakout, participants are eligible for a free, limited-edition Wicked Problems t-shirt!

  • AI and the Future: Magic Elixir or Hocus Pocus? (Charlie Harry)
  • Free and Fair Elections: Mischief Managed or Frightfest? (Niambi Carter)
  • WarGames: The Only Winning Move is Not to Play (Matt Feehan)


Thurgood Marshall Hall

7805 Regents Dr.

College Park, MD 20742

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School of Public Policy

For disability accommodations, please contact Beth Ribar at

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