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Monday, March 27, 2023

Upcoming Events

Wellness Workshops: Effective Communication Skills

Communication is at the core of all of our relationships. Explore the different styles of communication, see which styles you use the most, and learn about best practices for communicating with the people around you.

Integrity Week: Conduct Cash Cab

Get a ride to class! Receive swag! Talk with Conduct Staff! Learn about Student Legal Aid!

Community Meditation

Drop-In Virtual Meditation Session

Spring Chamber Jazz Recital Part 2

Experience the soulful, syncopated sounds of jazz in this second night of chamber jazz featuring classic tunes performed by the jazz combos.

University Band and Maryland Community Band April Concert

Representing a variety of majors across campus, the University Band is joined by the Maryland Community Band for a concert of traditional and contemporary wind band music in a performance perfect for all ages.

Back to Basics Meditation Session

Drop-In Virtual Meditation Session

Seminar: The 2022 Asian Summer Monsoon Chemical and Climate Impacts Project (ACCLIP)

Dr. Paul Newman: NASA. This talk is part of the Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Seminar series.

Wellness Workshops: Freedom from Perfectionism

This workshop will explore how perfectionism impacts students and provide strategies to help you embrace imperfection in yourself and others.

Mantra Meditation

Drop-In Virtual Meditation

Microsoft Future Leaders in Robotics and AI Seminar Series: Angeline Aguinaldo

A Category Theoretic Approach to Planning in a Complex World

Microsoft Future Leaders in Robotics and AI Seminar Series: Lidia Al-Zogbi

Autonomous Ultrasound-Guided Robotics to Support Trauma Patients: From Diagnostics to Hemorrhage Control

TDPS Experimental Performance Series #4

Featuring provocative choreography by M.F.A. Dance students, this concert is a collection of eclectic new works, serving as an unguarded exploration of these diverse artists' talents and interests.